Planning Board

The Planning Board meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 6:30 p.m.


Joseph Southern, Chairman

Donald Kasper, Vice Chairman

Scott Winkelman, Planning Board Member

Douglas Hamlin, Planning Board Member

Anne Stinson-Redmond, Planning Board Member

Karen Barkdull, Planning & Zoning Clerk

 Speaking at Meetings

Regular Board Meeting - The public has the right to attend and listen to the Board deliberations.  The public may participate upon the invitation of the Board.

Public Hearing - The public is invited to speak.  The Board is not oblilgated to answer questions or render a decision.

Public Information Meeting - A presentation is given to the public in order for the public to gain information on a specific project or topic.  Following the presentation, the public is given the opportunity to ask questions.  The presenter may discuss follup-up action.


 Open Projects

Loveless Farm Development Draft EIS

Loveless Farm Development DEIS Exhibits

Hidden Estates

Victory Sports Complex  Proposal is pending and on hold.

Victory Sports Site Plan

Victory Sports Lighting