Town Directory

Budget Officer/Bookkeeper 

(315) 685-0268 | FAX: (315) 685-0839

Bridgett Winkelman, Budget Officer

Town Clerk 

(315) 685-3473 | FAX: (315) 685-5449

Janet L. Aaron [E 1/1/14 to 12/31/17]
Deputy Town Clerk: Julie A. Stenger
2nd Deputy Town Clerk: Sharon Cross
Administrative Aide: Sue G. Murphy

Planning Board

Chairman: Mark Tucker
Board Member: Joseph Southern
Board Member: Donald Kasper
Board Member: Scott Winkelman
Board Member: Elizabeth Estes
Clerk: Karen Barkdull
Engineer: C & S Engineers, Doug Wickman

Zoning Board Of Appeals

Chair: Denise Rhoads
Board Member: Steven Tucker
Board Member: James Condon
Board Member: Sherill Ketchum
Board Member: David Palen
Clerk: Karen Barkdull

Board Of Assessment Review

Board Member: Paul Fiutak
Board Member: Michael Zuber
Board Member: Linda Roche
Board Member: Joseph Calipari
Board Member: Rob Coville

Animal Control Officers 

(315) 575-3563

Matthew and Rose Olszewski

Tax Office

(315) 685-8148 | FAX: (315) 685-2014

Tax Collector: Lori L. Milne [E 1/1/14 to 12/31/17]
Deputy Tax Collector: June Lamon

Real Property Assessments

(315) 685-0745 | FAX: (315) 685-0839
Assessor: Linda Wright

Building/Code Enforcement Office

(315) 685-0833 | FAX: (315) 685-0839

Todd Hall, Codes Enforcement Officer

Cemetery Superintendent

Karl Eldredge

Highway Department

(315) 685-6718

Highway Superintendent: Allan L. Wellington  [E 1/1/14 to 12/31/17]


Beth Batlle
Deputy Historian: Charles T. Major

Justice Court

(315) 685-5880 | FAX: (315) 685-4779

Justice: Charles T. Major [E 1/1/13 to 12/31/16]
Justice: Kathleen Dell [E 1/1/12 to 12/31/15]
Court Clerk: Deborah Zennamo
Part Time Court Clerk: Colleen Parks

Outreach Coordinator and Helping Hands

(315) 685-0427

Jacque M. McConnaghy
Patricia A. Snyder

Transfer/Recycling Station

(315) 673-4190

Allan L. Wellington, Highway Superintendent                                                                                                        

Water Department

(315) 685-0268

Allan L. Wellington, Highway Superintendent
Joe Dwyer, Foreman